King arthur episode three


In Episode Three, the sovereignty of the newly crowned King Arthur is tested. The young King must unify the lords to defeat England’s fiercest enemies. Through the guidance of Merlin, Arthur learns mercy; and he is joined by Princess Guinevere in his quest to defend England from advancing enemy armies.

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The Legend of King Arthur Episode 1 The Kelly Ventura

Embark on an epic adventure as young Arthur becomes King of England! Based on the book “King Arthur And His Knights” by Maude L Radford. From modern day Super Heroes to Jedi Knights, they all share one thing in common: the classic Arthurian legend.  Visit our website for an online study guide for students. — Send in a voice message:

The Legend of King Arthur Episode 2 The Kelly Ventura

In this episode, “Excalibur and The Lady of The Lake” Arthur is crowned King, faces his first enemy, and takes up the sword Excalibur for the first time! — Send in a voice message: