Kelly started directing shows when he was 18. And over the years, he’s had the privilege to work with some amazing actors.

Kelly is joined on the show by his daughter Lauren who has directed several shows with her dad over the past few years. In this podcast they’ll catch up with former cast members, talk about their work on stage, and what they’re doing now.

Not only are these actors great at what they do on stage, but more importantly they are all exceptional human beings. Everyone will enjoy listening to the stories that these amazing individuals have to tell.

Welcome to the show

Welcome to Kelly Ventura Backstage! We hope you enjoy the show. Enjoy this introduction to all of our guests!

Episode One

3/15/21 “Hair On Fire” with Special Guest Russ Roberson. In Episode 1, Kelly and Lauren chat with local actor Russ Roberson. Together they talk about how dedication and determination can help an actor stay busy in theater.

Episode Two

3/29/21 “Thunder Clap Hap Hadden” with Special Guest Chris Lopez. In Episode 2, Kelly and Lauren talk with special guest Chris Lopez. Chris started in local theater and has since appeared in prime time shows such as “Grownish”, “Criminal Minds”, “Lucifer”, and “Young Sheldon”. On this episode they discuss the benefits and inevitable rewards of hard work.

Kelly Ventura Backstage “Thunder Clap Hap Hadden” The Kelly Ventura

Episode Three

Episode premieres 4/5/21 “Mountain Dew and a Missing Necklace” with Special Guest Isabella O’Keefe. In this episode we chat with Isabella about what motivates her to excel and succeed at so many endeavors both on stage and off stage. We also talk about her work with the Kennedy Center on a regional and national level. Isabella is one of those actors who has done the work and is seeing the results of her efforts.

Kelly Ventura Backstage “Mountain Dew and a Missing Necklace” The Kelly Ventura

Episode Four

Episode premieres 4/19/21 “The Cow was Spectacular!” with Special Guest Thomas Nance. In this episode, Kelly and Lauren discuss Tom’s history in theater and how his experiences on stage have helped to shape him into the person he is today. You will enjoy his “behind the scenes” stories. (“Fight on, D’Artagnan!”) You will be inspired when you hear the reason behind why he loves performing.

Kelly Ventura Backstage “The Cow Was Spectacular!” The Kelly Ventura

Episode Five

Kelly Ventura Backstage “Guitar Hero” The Kelly Ventura

Episode premieres 5/3/21 “Guitar Hero” with Special Guest Jack Patino. Kelly first worked with Jack in a local children’s theater production of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Kelly and Lauren talk to Jack about his vast collection of various musical instruments (seriously…there was about fifty of them in the room at the time), and his rather unique experiences on stage. You will enjoy his very poignant advice for young actors.