A Christmas story: the podcast

Episode one: “MR. AND MRS. PARKER”

In this companion podcast, go behind the scenes of The Visalia Players production of “A Christmas Story”. We’ll talk with the actors, directors, and crew and get their take on the classic show. In this episode, we’ll chat with Christa Reiber (Mrs. Parker) and Chris Brantley (Mr. Parker AKA “The Old Man). “A Christmas Story” runs December 3-19. Visit www.visaliaplayers.org for tickets and showtimes.

A Christmas Story The Podcast “Now In Hi Fidelity Cinema Scope!” The Kelly Ventura

Episode Two: We caught up with actors Bob Simpkins, Henry Van Gemert, and Nicholas Simpkins. You’ll hear about their favorite scenes and they’ll let you know what audiences can expect when they come to see the show! Visit visaliaplayers.org for tickets and showtimes! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/kelly-ventura7/message