Directed By Kelly Ventura

Assistant Directors

Lauren Ventura and Alex Quezada

Show Description: A stage play based on the 1983 Warner Brothers movie. This will be the second time that Kelly has directed this show, and it will be his first opportunity to direct a show for Visalia Players at The Ice House Theater.

Performance Dates: December 3-19, 2021

Performance Location: Visalia Players’ Ice House Theater

Seeking Talent From: Central Valley






The Lobby at Ice House Theater, 410 E Race Ave, Visalia, California 93291, United States


1. Acting Resume: Click below for an example of an acting resume.

2. Audition Form: Click below to download the audition form.

3. Headshot: This can be attached to audition form or resume. This picture does not need to be expensive. A “selfie” taken on your cell phone is perfect.

What to expect during auditions:

If you are auditioning you will only need to attend one of the audition times unless you are invited for a call-back.

Those auditioning for the show will be reading scenes from the play on stage with other actors. No other preparations are required for your audition.

Each actor will be given a number at the beginning of the audition. If the director would like to see you for a call-back, then you will be provided details at the end of auditions.

Please be sure to list any work, church, school, or other conflicts on your audition form.

An actor may be tempted to leave certain conflicts off of their audition form until they are cast in a show. However, conflicts do not necessarily preclude an actor from being cast.

But if an actor intentionally omits conflicts (which would significantly alter their availability for rehearsals and performances) until after they are cast, the director may be forced to re-cast the role.

Rehearsal Dates:

“A Christmas Story” will be rehearsing Mondays through Thursdays beginning September 13. Rehearsals will start promptly at 6:30pm. It is the intent of the director to not have rehearsals during Thanksgiving week. Our rehearsal spaces will alternate between the theater and the lobby stage at The Ice House Theater. For the first few weeks, rehearsals typically last until 8:30pm. From approximately the 8th week of rehearsals through tech week, rehearsals can last as long as 9:30pm (especially during tech week). If you are cast you can expect late nights during tech week.

Chris Brantley starred as “The Old Man” the first time that Kelly Ventura directed “A Christmas Story” in 2017. (Photo Courtesy Of Susan Richardson, 2017)

Principle Character Description:

RALPH (As an adult, the storyteller) – Male, age 50-60

Ralph is the storyteller throughout the show, taking the place of the narrative Voice Over that is prevalent in the movie. While he is a storyteller, the director is not looking for a “voice over” type for the role as there are several opportunities for the actor to break out of the “narrative-only” mode. The Actor must be able to memorize approximately 300 lines, as the character is on stage for a majority of the show.

RALPHIE PARKER – Male, Age 10-15

Ralphie is the epitome of a young boy growing up in the late 1940’s during the Golden Age of radio before the advent of television.  Ralphie is a very complex character and the actor should be able to convey a wide range of emotions that are often present in a young child’s world.  And the actor should also be able to memorize a large amount of dialogue.

Grayson Miller as “Ralphie” getting his mouth washed out with soap after the infamous “Oh Fudge!” scene. (Photo Courtesy Of Susan Richardson, 2017)

MOTHER – Female, Age 30-50

Ralphie’s mother is strong, direct, and apparently knows how to break up a fight.  She is resourceful, and she is exactly what her family needs at any given time.  There are moments throughout the entire script where the actor will have opportunities to break out of the 1940’s stereotype.  There are also opportunities for physical comedy in this role as well.  Dance experience is not necessary, but a plus.

THE OLD MAN – Male, Age 30-50

The old man is always trying to prove himself. He is a wry and salty character, but has a soft spot in his heart for his family, and will do anything for them. The actor should be able to convey the physical comedy inherent in this role. Dance experience is a plus but not necessary, as there is a tango scene in the show.

From left to right, Chris Brantley as “The Old Man”, Grayson Miller as “Ralphie”, and Amy McKay as “Mrs. Parker” in the 2017 production directed by Kelly Ventura. (Photo Courtesy Of Susan Richardson, 2017)

RANDY (Ralphie’s Brother) – Male, Age 8-12

Randy is often overlooked by his family, but there are moments where he takes center stage in their lives.  The director is looking for younger actors for this role, but comedy timing is a plus.

MISS SHIELDS (Ralphie’s Teacher) – Female, Age 30-50

The character of Miss Shields would be more at home on a melodrama stage.  With a histrionic personality, the role of Miss Shields will provide the actor with opportunities for big laughs.

FLICK (Ralphie’s Best Friend) – Male, Age 10-15

Flick is a long time friend of Ralphie’s, and seems to always be the object of Skut Farkas’ wrath.  He is a bit of jokester type.  Comedic timing is important for the actor playing this part.  The actor must be comfortable with a great amount of high energy physicality for this role.

The Old Man: Get. The. Glue! Mother: We’re. Out. Of. Glue! Old Man: You used up all the glue on purpose!(Photo Courtesy Of Susan Richardson, 2017)

SCHWARTZ (Ralphie’s Friend) – Male or Female, Age 10-15

The character of Schwartz is a typical “smart aleck” type.  Schwartz is always instigating trouble, usually at his friends’ expense.  Again, comedic timing is a plus for the actor playing this role, as Schwartz, Flick, and Ralphie become somewhat of a comedic trio.  Again, a great amount of high energy is required for this role.

ESTHER JANE (Ralphie’s “Girlfriend”) – Female, Age 10-15

While not in the original movie, in this script the role of Esther Jane makes it known that she’s Ralphie’s girlfriend (even though Ralphie doesn’t know it yet).  There are definitely several opportunities for comedic moments in the script for this role.

HELEN WEATHERS (Ralphie’s Fellow Student) – Female, Age 10-15

Helen is the typical “know it all” type of student.  Helen also possesses the ability to stand up for herself in a way that would make Skut Farkas tremble.

Bruce Rakich as “Santa Claus”, Grayson Miller as “Ralphie”, Amy Fortin as “The Elf”, Russ Roberson as “Ralph”, and Joshua Zsido as Randy. (Photo Courtesy Of Susan Richardson, 2017)

SKUT FARKAS (The Bully) – Male or Female, Age 15-17

When Skut Farkas laughs, everyone hides!  Skut Farkas does not know when he’s pushed someone too far.  He is the stereotypical bully, and as such, receives his due at the hands of Ralphie.  Stage combat experience is a plus for this actor, since there is a fight scene between Skut and Ralphie toward the end of the show.

SANTA CLAUS (Department Store Santa Claus) – Male, Age 40-60

The role of Santa Claus is a department store “Santa” who is getting tired of the never-ending sea of children asking for presents.  The actor playing Santa Claus needs to have a sense of comedic timing as well, since there are many opportunities in the script for big laughs.

“IT’S A MAJOR AWARD!”(Photo Courtesy Of Susan Richardson, 2017)

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