On Stage At The Fox

Episode 6 Of Kelly Ventura Backstage Recorded On Stage At Visalia’s Fox Theater

It was great to be on stage last Friday afternoon if only for a short time. Lauren and I had the privilege of recording Episode 6 of Kelly Ventura Backstage on stage at The Fox. What an awesome time.

We want to say a huge thank you to Vikky Escobedo, Kent Stahl, and the entire team. In fact we had the honor of interviewing Vikky, the Executive Director of The Fox, on the show. The episode will be available May 24 at thekellyventura.com, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

I’ve had the opportunity to not only see shows at The Fox but I’ve also had the opportunity to direct the C.S. Lewis classic “Prince Caspian” for a local children’s theater company at The Fox as well. This team is amazing and they have always been so kind to me and my cast.

You can learn more about this awesome organization by visiting their website foxvisalia.org. I urge everyone to visit their Facebook page as well to keep up to date on ways to support The Fox.